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Patient Signup

Enrolling new patients with Revon is easy.  From the Revon home screen click Add New Patient.

Add New Patient.

After you do this, Revon will ask you for the patient’s email address and will send a welcome email to the patient. The next time your patient has access to email, they should click on the link to create a Revon account.

Creating a Patient Profile

Physicians or their staff can create a patient profile in a few minutes. Begin by selecting the physician-diagnosed medical condition. Next, build the risk profile by selecting the relevant risk factors experienced by that patient.

  • Medical conditions – a physician can check on any medical condition, even those outside their area of specialty. When medical conditions are checked on the physician and patient are fed a list of the associated outcomes.
  • Risk profile - a list of universal risk factors that are common across all patients. Any physician can edit risk factors in this section. Data from here is used to determine current patient state in the Patient State Object (PSO) and Smart Symptom Tracker (SST) engines.


Updating a Patient Profile

The physician or staff is responsible for updating the physician-captured outcomes during each patient encounter. This can be done in a few minutes. Begin by opening the patient profile and clicking Update at the bottom of the page. This will take you to the outcomes page. The outcomes on this page are determined by the assigned physician diagnosed medical condition. Update the outcomes performed during that patient encounter and click Save.

Individual Patient Management

Viewing your patients

To view all of the patients that you manage with Revon, click on “Patients” in the left side menu bar.

This will bring up a carrousel of profile pictures of your current patients. If you would rather view a list of patients, click the list button on the upper right of the carrousel. To return to the carrousel view, click the grid button on the upper right of the carrousel.

The “Patients” screen allows you to filter which patients are shown (using the left most drop down menu), sort the order of the patients shown (using the second from left most drop down menu) and search for individual patients (using the search bar).

Patient Check-in

When a patient arrives at your office for an appointment they can choose to check-in via the Revon mobile application. When they do this they will appear as “Checked In” on the Revon home page.

Viewing a patient profile

To view the outcome graph for an individual patient click on the patient profile picture on the home screen (accessed by clicking on the Revon logo in the upper left corner) or from the “Patients” screen (accessed by clicking on “Patients” in the side menu).  

The top of the patient profile shows the patient outcome chart. Scroll down to see which medical conditions are assigned to the patient. This allows the physician to assign new, or remove current, medical conditions. The bottom of the patient profile displays the patient’s information including basic demographic information, allergies, medications, history and payer information.

Physician Payments

Part of the Revon platform is a system that tracks the time you spend entering patient data and determines payment amounts. On your profile page you will find a section labeled “Compensation.” This tells you how many patients you have signed up for Revon, and how many of those have agreed to be part of our reimbursable data-tracking program. You may be eligible to be paid for data entered on the patients counted as “Currently Active” in the Revon system. The exact terms of our payment program are detailed in a separate document and will be provided to you when you sign on as a Revon physician.

Clinical Trials

As you enter data into the system, patients are continuously assessed for their suitability for relevant clinical trials in your area. When you “Update” a patient’s file, you may be asked a series of questions based on data you have entered. Not all patients will receive the same set of questions; some patients may receive no questions at all. If you are asked these trial-screening questions, please answer as thoroughly as possible. As soon as the system can exclude a patient from trials, it will stop asking questions and notify you. But if the patient may qualify, the system may ask more relevant questions and then notify you that your patient may qualify for a trial in your area.

If this notification appears, please discuss this with your patient. Their record will be made available to a clinical trial coordinator who may choose to contact your patient directly by phone to provide more information about the trial and to invite your patient to come in for screening.  Note that the clinical trial coordinator will have access to your patient’s biographical and health information on the Revon system. 


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