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What is Revon and what does it do?

Revon is the new and simple way for you and your physicians to manage your health. It allows you to:

    • Monitor your health
    • Keep a record of your current physicians
    • Learn about your disease
    • Easily share information about your health with any physician
    • Be notified when a clinical trial in your area is available for your condition

Revon can be freely accessed either through the Revon mobile app (available on iOS and Android) or the Revon website (https://app.revonsystems.com)

The two main features of Revon are the ability to

1. Update health measurements in between visits for your physician to track

2. View your own health measurements, related to your condition 


You can access all features of the Revon app by clicking the three lines icon at the top left of the app. When you click this icon, a menu will appear from the left hand side and give you access to all parts of the app. 

Update Measurements and Health Check

Health Check is a stream of all of the tasks your physician recommends that you do to stay on top of managing your health. Access this page by clicking Update on the left side menu bar. You can think of it as your 'health to do list' 

There are two types of tasks that Health Check may ask you to do:

  • Input a health measurement. A health measurement is a measurement that is important to your health; for example, if you have macular degeneration, you might be asked to update your vision test score once a week.
  • Learn about your disease. Education modules include reading materials that teach you about your disease and give guidance on the best ways to manage it.

View Measurements and Health Report

The Health Report gives you an overview of your health. Access this page by clicking "View" on left side of the screen. Health Report allows you to quickly view and share your information with any doctor.

This screen shows you the health measurements you have entered into Revon and allows you to look at how they have progressed over time. At the bottom of the screen is a list of the educational modules you have completed and/or still need to complete.

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