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Is my health information secure?

Yes, Revon encrypts all of your information and keeps it on secure computer servers. Revon also complies with the government mandated health information privacy laws (HIPPA, read more at

Does Revon share my information with third parties?

Yes, but Revon will only ever share de-identified (meaning that it does not include any information that can identify you, for example, your name) information with selected third parties who will use that information for health research purposes.  If it is determined by your doctor that you may qualify for a clinical trial in your area, your personally identifiable information  (including name, phone number, other contact information, biographical data and relevant medical information about your condition) will be made available to a researcher who may contact you regarding the trial. If you ever want to prevent this information from being shared with researchers involved in clinical trials, you may “Opt Out” by selecting that option on the Revon website at

I forgot my password, what do I do?

On the login screen, press “I forgot my password” on the mobile app or click "Forgot password" on the website and when prompted, enter the email address that you registered with Revon. You will receive an email with instructions on resetting your password. 

My physician didn’t enter the share code in time

Share codes are designed to expire after 15 minutes to make sure unauthorized people don’t get access to your health information. If your physician didn’t enter the code in time, simply click the “Share my health data with my physician” button on the website or press "Share" on the left side menu bar on the mobile app again to generate a new one.

How do I know how often I’m meant to update my health measurement?

There is a date next to each Health Check item that tells you when you need to update your health measurement.

I accidentally entered the wrong value for my health measurement.

You can click the "Undo" button located in the upper right hand corner of the mobile app screen and the website (third icon from the right) then re-enter the correct value.



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