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Update Measurements

How do I access Health Check?

Health Check can be accessed on the home screen or by clicking "Update" on the left side menu bar. Access the menu bar by clicking the three horizontal lines at the top left. 

How do I update a health measurement?

On the website, click the "Update" or "Take Self-Test" button at the right hand side of the Health Check item. On the mobile app, press on the Health Check item you wish to update. The test or survey will automatically begin. Follow the instructions and at the end of the test press or click "Finish" to submit your score. If you do not press or click "Finish" your score will not be submitted. You can click "Cancel" anytime to exit the survey or test.

If you have enabled Self-Tracking,  you will enter the new value into the text box at the right hand side of the Health Check item and click "Update." On the mobile app, you will press on the self-tracking Health Check item you wish to update and a pop-up box will appear. Enter the new value into the text box and press "Update Measurement." If you enter a value that is not possible (e.g. a blood pressure reading that is 500 HHmg) then Revon will ask you to check your measurement and re-enter it. 

Revon has provided instructions on how to measure some of the Self-Tracking Health Check items. If you press on "How do I measure?" in the mobile app or click on the question mark (?) to the right hand side of the Health Check item on the website you will be presented with instructions on how to take the health measurement.  

When do I need to complete a Health Check item?

Each Health Check item has a bell symbol with the due date; your doctor asks you to complete each item by its due date to stay on top of your health. The tasks that need to be done first are shown at the top of the page. It is important to complete each task on time as this will affect your compliance score. If the due date passes by 24 hours then the Health Check item will turn red and show an exclamation mark with the word "Now."  These Health Check items are considered late and need to be updated immediately. To help you remember to complete your Health Check items, the mobile app will send you occasional notifications.

Revon does not control or limit how often you update each Health Check item. You may update each Health Check item as often as you'd like. However, Revon recommends that you update the Health Check items on the dates requested by your physician. The due date and the date or your last update can be found on each Health Check item. Health Check items will always be displayed within the Health Check feed unless your physician removes them or you disable Self-Tracking from the Profile page. 

How do I complete an Education Module?

Click on the title of the item shown next to your prescribing physician’s picture (e.g. Eye- Macular Degeneration). This will take you to a new page with a module of information that your physician would like you to read.

Each module is made up of several pages. Press “Next” once you have finished one page and would like to read the next one.  As you make your way through the module, the progress ring, shown in the top right corner, will fill up. Your progress is automatically saved so you can stop reading at any time and finish the module at a later date.

Call Your Doctor

The system is capable of recognizing worsening body measurements. When this happens you will be shown a screen displaying the words “Call your doctor.” We recommend that you give your physician a call and discuss making an appointment. Your Revon physician will be able to review the body measurements you have been inputting since your last appointment. He or she will decide what’s best for you. However, you will continue to see this screen until you have another physician appointment. If your physician has decided that you don’t need to be seen for an appointment you can ignore this warning.  


View Measurements

How do I access Health Report?

Health Report can be accessed by clicking the "View" button on the left side menu bar.

How do I review the education modules I’ve completed?

The education section includes a bar chart that shows how much of your current education modules you’ve completed.

How do I share my health information with a physician?

Revon makes it simple to share your health information with any physician (even if they’re not using Revon).  

If your physician is already managing your health using Revon then they will already have access to your health information.

If you would like to share your health information with a physician who is not using Revon then take the following steps:

  • On the app, click "Share" on the left side menu bar
  • A special five character code will be displayed
  • Ask your physician to visit and enter the special code that is displayed.  To protect your privacy this code will only work for 15 minutes so you should only press this button when you are with your physician or on the phone with them. If the code does expire, simply click the “Share my health data with a physician” button or press "Share" on the mobile app again to generate a new one.  
  • Your physician can now view your health information. The information they view is read-only, which means they won’t be able to make any changes to your health information, unless they join Revon.

Add Medications

Revon allows you to enter the medications you are currently prescribed and taking. You can do this by clicking "My Medications" in the left side menu bar. Next, on the mobile app press the plus (+) sign or on the website click "+ Add New Medication." Begin typing in the name of your medication and a list will begin to auto-populate. Select the correct medication name. Next, you will need to add the dosage and frequency before being allowed to save. You can add, edit, or delete medications at any time. If you’d like to edit or delete a medication simply click on the medication in the list view. Then click "Edit" and make the appropriate changes or delete the medication. Your physician will be able to view the medications you have added.

Note: You cannot change the name of a medication. If the medication name is wrong, delete the entry and add a new medication.

Managing your physicians

How do I view information about my physicians?

Your physicians who use the Revon app are shown on the left hand side of the Revon app.

You can view information about your physicians by clicking on the “My Physicians” button on the left side menu bar. After clicking this button you will be presented with profile pictures of all your physicians. If you click on one of the profile pictures you will be presented with information about that physician including their phone number and address.

How do I check in with my physician?

The Revon mobile app lets you check in when you get to your physician’s office to let them know that you have arrived. To do this, open the Revon mobile app, press “Check-in to your appointment” on the homepage and then click on the physician that you are visiting. Your physician will know you have arrived through an update to their Revon interface. 

Your Revon profile

Your Revon profile contains your personal information (e.g. your name and address), physician diagnosed medical conditions, allergies, Self-Tracking health measurements, brief medical history, and insurance information. To view and edit your profile information press on "My Profile" in the left navigation bar on the Revon app or on the website click your name, then click edit on the section you’d like to update.

Note: We do NOT share any of your data with any insurance provider or payer. 


Revon contacts you to remind you to enter your health measurements when they are due. You may be contacted through push notifications that appear on your cell phone, or through email. You can choose at any time whether you wish to receive these notifications and change you settings on your profile page at


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